About Us

May sound a little corny but our Motto is “We don’t sell DIY Kits, we help people”

Hi, we’re John and Pat Motley and we have been a very successful online shed dealer for the past 12 years and have sold over 5,000 sheds and barns and talked with well over 40,000 shoppers.

Guided by experience, knowledge, and patience we help you in selecting and ordering the perfect DIY Kit for your needs and property. We give you the honest and straightforward truth about the company, the Kits, options, pricing, delivery and assembly.

We are focused only on DIY products, we don’t sell, plastic furniture, windows, doors, tractors, trailers, farm supplies, heaters, or other things, only DIY Kits and we do not use used car salesman tactics. Other online sellers do not reach out to you with a helping hand they only want you to order their products. We’re also concerned about the possibility of the need for a building permit or homeowners association approval.

For us it’s not just about selling you a Kit, it’s all about the “Happy Ending” when your wonderful new Kit is delivered, assembled and you have a great big smile on your face … 😀

Cedar Shed and Garden Kits of North Idaho Sales Team
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